Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The sweet far thing
Is you my king
The sweet far thing
Is to set with you
In the spring
Under the Golden rays
And angels wings…

My heart is beating
Can you hear it sing?
My eyes
It's sparkling
When I see you darling
I love you
And that's the greatest thing

In this crazy world
I confess
"I am in love with him"
And they’re still hopeless
But I said
I am in till the end of this

You "sweet far thing"
My love may go
With the wind
Though I have
Magical thoughts
Was written on the weekend
To feel you through me
And recall your voice in my head

Every sunset
I walk by the edge
Set by the sea
Staring at the bleeding horizon
And whisper
Telling him my story

The sweet far thing
Is Over the rain bow
My happy ending
Is maybe far
Maybe it's never
But what I trust
Is my feeling
And what I think
That the sweet far thing
Is closer
Is you my king

Nour Badr

in 11/7/08
01:26 A.M

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Wedding Day ....

I hear the wind
Across the sky
The move of the clouds
Keeping me in my way
Leaves of the trees
Falling around me
To you I'll always belong

The winter is coming
And places are getting darker
The rain is running
From the highest mountains
To the yellow hills
To make it green
Now I see
The flowers is swaying
With the sound of music
The music of my song
"You are my dream"
"To you I came"
"For you I fight"

With the colorful rainbow
And the birds of heaven
I open my eyes
And I let go of my soul
With your vow
The clouds is fainting
And the sun is shining
Your vow
Made my hope grow
For the day I'm waiting
My happy day
My white day
My wedding day

The day I'm gathering people
With my feeling of thrill
My family and my friends
You have faith in me
He has faith in me
And cause of this
I have faith in myself

My white dress
In its chest
The invitation cards
Were set
And wishing the God blessings

In my mind
I'm thinking
In our first kiss
And how it will be
Your touch
Warm in my skin
Your breathing
Through mine
The holy ring
In my hand sparkling
The first dance
That we will dance
You see my blushed cheeks
So you smile so clear
Like the pure air

I'm thinking
In your words
The ones you said
And the ones you will say
"I love you"
Is enough
But more than enough
In my wedding day

I know
There will be more
A life time
I'm waiting for
But the beginning is today
Today is my wedding day

Nour Badr 11/12/08 Tuesday in college

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Waiting ...

this is a poem neve and me wrote ... i found it wonderful not just the poem but also that i do it wiz my sweet Nour ...
neve, thank you for sharing me this beautiful moments and thank you for beeing neveen and my friend ...
... "you are like the golden dust in the air that's gives me insperatioin" ...


I am Waitting for your touch to bring me Back to life..
With this blue dark rose, im waiting for you ...
With this bloody tears and my broken heart,
With each single breath, im waiting for you ...

With the memories of each Breath I Breath...
With my Heart on my palm...
With yearning for your air to breath.. I am waiting

With everyday i wait for you,
I imagin that you standing on my door ...
"knock knock" is that you? ...
And it's like yesterday, it's just the empty way ...
With everyday i wait for you,
I dream of you kissing me and sway ...

With Every tear drop I wait ..
With every Wind touching my face ..
I pray that you return to me ...

Under the silver moon we used to kiss...
With evey ray of the sun .. I send you a bless...
Be safe for me... be the man I always knew...
I love you... Come back to me...

You left me to the darkeness ...
You left me to the loneliness ...
Your face visits me only in my dreams ...
My life became always in fall
And my heart is bleeding through my tears ...
With all this, Im waiting for you ...

Waitting is a sweet glass of sorrow I drunk...
Waiting is a old window with a view and ghost of picture in my head ...
And with all of this, Im still waiting for you ...

Nour & Neveen
25/10/2008, sat.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

*We were Friends .. We were Lovers .. We are Nothing*

“I love you”…I said it once silently inside me while I was setting listening to your words and thoughts … these words which made me fall for you … unlike so much people I met before ,you were the only one who made me cry, confused, shivering at night, you were the only one who made me fall…

We were close in sometimes, you promised that you’ll never let go of me, you were always beside me and saying bright hopes, you made me believe in things, you made me change … you were like a February song, keeping me warm … when I was seeing you, my heart was shaking inside, my words fainting in my mind and all I do was smiling to calm …

You were giving me signs that you care, words and actions, calls and massages … I loved you so clear like the wind of the night and I thought you did, but suddenly something happened, all this, is gone … why you were this cruel like the summer sun burning my skin, you gave me hope then take it away … I was good to you, trusted you but you were bad even as a friend …

I couldn’t understand why such a thing would happen to me …, all I could see that you were the one who wounded me the most … but once I move on, I find my heart, my mind so clear to you and all this doesn’t matter, I was white and soft, so forgetting … because I really love, so I easy forgive … I always give a chance, I live my life by an open heart and it’s never closed, live my life by love so I never wait for returns …

Nour Badr
Thursday, 16/10/2008 at 12:30

Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

what kind of vampire r u?

You're a vegetarian vampire.

You've been a vampire long enough to know that you can't change who you are, but you've found ways to control your blood-sucking impulses. You'll never be able to shut off those dark urges completely, but it's nice to be able to hide them from the general public. No matter how tasty a person's neck might smell, you just don't think it's right to lean in and take a bite. You treat people with respect, but you don't necessarily feel that way about all living creatures. A vamp's got to get nutrients somehow, and for you, tomato juice just doesn't cut it. A tall, warm glass of bear blood, on the other hand? That hits the spot.

Special Moments

When I set this evening on the beach, watching the sunset, the red sky mixed with my broken heart's blood, and the choppy see moving by the storm of my heart, I remembered you in that moment when we were together while you whispered in my ears "I love you"; those words went through my heart as a symphony making it dance.. The golden rays of the sun shining on your soft skin , The wind moving your hair on my face, all that just made me fall...

Oooh, that was the time when I was alive, but now, after you left me like that, I feel lost in this world, just like a lonely stick facing the wind all alone, my life became a continuous rain without rainbow, a permanent sunset without rising. The sun is disappearing in the blue sea, but with the last light ,it stopped and my life stopped with it, I'm still living in your memory which will never die….

Hhhh, the life is so cruel without you .. if you just come back to me, the sun will rise again with its white clear light; I can no longer survive in the darkness while feeling cold and lonely.. That kills me .. I wanna your shiny smile back, the bright look in your eyes .. I wanna hear your voice singing and the flowers swaying with it .. I wanna your endless love to be stronger.. I wanna feel that I'm alive not only remains which the wind takes with its way …… I want you….

Nour 23/1/2007
editing : 20/3/2007

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Sometimes, you pass by different emotions… Suddenly, you find yourself so happy and there is smile you cannot hide and may be laughing with a loud voice.. When the joy is over and you became alone full of thoughts , your imagination takes you away to other land where you are that hero , but.. when you wake up to the cruel world you will smile and be thankful cause you can dream even for a moment far away from this reality..

But some times, you see every thing is dark, mysterious.. You feel sad deep inside and want to shout over and over again then, you are falling apart, crying without a stop like a child and your tears burn your skin…

When you set getting back all these emotions, you are some confused , thinking that there is something missing, like needing someone to share all of this with you.. No, not your friends.. it is that one who completes you.. that one who is the missing part in the big puzzle of your life….

And in this very moment, when you are in your thoughts, your eyes choose someone in particular , and starts to stare at him , your heart knows that he is the one and the only who could fill this deep gap in your whole life not only emotional one....

you start to tremble.. your heart shaking inside , you don’t know what to do .. all you can do is to ask yourself.. Is it love..? It is so easy to know.. it is your heart lighting inside, that feels very much a live cause you find your one , and… you falls in love with him… Yes, you are in love , you gave your heart and you know you will never regret...

Since you’ve met that one , you wish you have wings , hold his hand to fly higher than mountains , touch the sky , get the stars , to be in his arms and feel so safe , to find a special kiss keeps you warm in the cold , to find this eyes which understand you without speaking , all the problems that u thought they are impossible to solve , they all are gone ..

You knew how much beautiful to love and be loved.. You feel like never be loved before, you know in this particular moment that you have not ever been in love except right now ..So, don’t search in the past… Just live the day… Look forward the future… You will never be alone cause you keep him in your heart , feel him around , hear his voice crossing the sky right to your soul, making you believe in your self , guiding you to the right way …

writen by me..(nour) 23/1/2007