Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jazz At Sea Beside The River

"Cry me a River"
beside the sea
remember me
write my name on a trea
"Cry me a River"
cause i still cry for you
cause you're still in me
like wild sea

Nour Badr
wednesday 28/7/2010
at 3:00 am
*Cry me a River - is a name of some song

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Once Upon A Time

I was singing …
But suddenly I became good with words,
Word after word ..
With no way to return !

Have you ever heard me singing ?
Or composing poems ?
Have you ever heard me crying ?
Or even wipe away my tears ?

You’ll never be, part of me …

I was singing …
And my voice was breaking the silence,
Revealing the angelic faces ..
Word after word ,
And Smiling !

Have you ever saw me dancing ?
Or training my feet ?
Have you ever saw my falling ?
Or rising up again ?

You’ll never be, part of me …

I was singing …
And thinking of you once again
Is there any way to return ?
Cause my heart’s getting so mean …
And it may be broken once again

Have you ever tried to sing ?
Or even dance ?
Have you ever ...?
But I know,
You’ll never be one of thy

Nour Badr
Thursday 25/2/2010
6:00 pm

Thursday, July 1, 2010

End - Beginning

In the End of this Month "June" or maybe at the Biginning of new one "July" .. I wanna say :

  • - Damn !
  • - I hate this World.
  • - I hate what made me hate this world.
  • - I hate myself cause I feel Hate !