Thursday, May 20, 2010

RedBull X-Fighters .. We Flied There !

We were there, my best friends (Reem, Mostafa, Manar) and me. despite We didnt drink RedBull, we flied there with them with a wings of the Anciant Egyptian. Acually, we Missed you Zahraa.

I'll leave you with this amazing pictures, It was amazing show for amazing event and they said it : Egypt Show was the most amazing one till now. Thank You x-Fighters guys.

And now, it's time to celeberate and say goodbye ... "see you Next time in Russai" :D .. sure, im not going to be there ! ;)


If You wanted to watch more wonderful pictures about this event from the bigining of their visitation, please visit this site of them:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yesterday ...

Yesterday, He was just a boy
Yesterday, She was just a girl
They were playing,
With their dreams
The play of hide and seek

They planted their love seeds
In the middle of the sea
To grow as a young city
Chose stormy dreams

The dreams of a fighting city
Seemed so far away...
In yesterday!

Nour Badr
Friday - 30 April 2010
3:16 pm