Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Wedding Day ....

I hear the wind
Across the sky
The move of the clouds
Keeping me in my way
Leaves of the trees
Falling around me
To you I'll always belong

The winter is coming
And places are getting darker
The rain is running
From the highest mountains
To the yellow hills
To make it green
Now I see
The flowers is swaying
With the sound of music
The music of my song
"You are my dream"
"To you I came"
"For you I fight"

With the colorful rainbow
And the birds of heaven
I open my eyes
And I let go of my soul
With your vow
The clouds is fainting
And the sun is shining
Your vow
Made my hope grow
For the day I'm waiting
My happy day
My white day
My wedding day

The day I'm gathering people
With my feeling of thrill
My family and my friends
You have faith in me
He has faith in me
And cause of this
I have faith in myself

My white dress
In its chest
The invitation cards
Were set
And wishing the God blessings

In my mind
I'm thinking
In our first kiss
And how it will be
Your touch
Warm in my skin
Your breathing
Through mine
The holy ring
In my hand sparkling
The first dance
That we will dance
You see my blushed cheeks
So you smile so clear
Like the pure air

I'm thinking
In your words
The ones you said
And the ones you will say
"I love you"
Is enough
But more than enough
In my wedding day

I know
There will be more
A life time
I'm waiting for
But the beginning is today
Today is my wedding day

Nour Badr 11/12/08 Tuesday in college