Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Modigliani Jeanne

Come to Me and I will Paint You .. But, if I'm lucky some day I will Paint Your Eyes ! - Modigliani

Tonight is for Modigliani .. Yes, one of the Amazing nights was yesterday in the opera watching "Modigliani" film like I'm alone at theater ..

It's outstanding how the soundtrack is mixed with The motions of the body as the hands are the Master and waves of feelings, the smile of nervous satisfaction and capturing eyes .. How to be faster than music to distract time .. How To make Angles stay around to protect them with covering blue .. How to give away tears with pain for the sake of love and how to give away life for the sake of friends ..
In the end, for the moment of breaking the feather; you give away yourself !

.. And This Is The Last Dance As Forever ..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


To Know More Thank You Should Know .. I hate That !
Once you know, everything changes at least between you and the other which you knew about .. But, if you were the last resort for this "Other" and you can't help it; simply it would seems like there is some one who hit you in your stomach.

God Help Us !