Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Between Two Philosophies !

This was a Conversation between Jeremiah and Me :
I Asked Him :

What do you thik of this Quote I said: "The Truth May Hide Between Light & Shadow"

Jeremiah: A void is a zone that contains absolutely nothing. No ground, no air, gravity, nothing at all. It proceeds in all directions forever, the thought frightens me actually, and however they exist within the gap between dimensions and universes. Much different from the place when those dimensions I understand it, truth transcends both light and darkness. Not to say that light or darkness are below, but to say that they do not matter.

Truth is truth, and light/darkness can not change that.

Some things, some truths are built on unstable ground, which is why human truths may become lies. However....for some reason I feel like I am not communicating what I am really trying to say. I can not seem to put it into the correct words.

Nour: I can understand you ... and I’ll take it as your own philosophy.

Truth can not be a lie, but people can lie about it. Truth can be hidden between two events or two actions.

I say "between light and darkness our shadow hides, is that means we don’t have shadow?
We do, but at some point, we lose our sense of it !”
You can stay like this forever or all what you have to do is just pass through it to find your shadow "witch's the truth in this case"

The truth, we can find it in the hollows of death and life, we can see it on the water as a reflection, a Face we can recognize at the very first second, but in fact, it contains much more than a naked truth. I mean, when you look at the water of some calm river at night, you can see your face but also you will find the sky reflection in the water not only your face! In this very moment, you may see only your face and you may see the whole picture, and both is true, but one is not completed and the other is so completed That you may lost in it.

This is my philosophy about it... I hope you did get me, cause I feel like I get you in a big maze !

Friday, August 7, 2009

Love in the Time of Cholera - Theatrical Trailer

Love in the Time of Cholera - Theatrical Trailer

It's Amazing Trailer. It made me know that it's great movie is going to be in the big screen ... I've saw the novel of it ... They said it's great one ...

soon, I'll get you the book (Cover & e-copy if i find it) and more info.