Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The sweet far thing
Is you my king
The sweet far thing
Is to set with you
In the spring
Under the Golden rays
And angels wings…

My heart is beating
Can you hear it sing?
My eyes
It's sparkling
When I see you darling
I love you
And that's the greatest thing

In this crazy world
I confess
"I am in love with him"
And they’re still hopeless
But I said
I am in till the end of this

You "sweet far thing"
My love may go
With the wind
Though I have
Magical thoughts
Was written on the weekend
To feel you through me
And recall your voice in my head

Every sunset
I walk by the edge
Set by the sea
Staring at the bleeding horizon
And whisper
Telling him my story

The sweet far thing
Is Over the rain bow
My happy ending
Is maybe far
Maybe it's never
But what I trust
Is my feeling
And what I think
That the sweet far thing
Is closer
Is you my king

Nour Badr

in 11/7/08
01:26 A.M