Wednesday, October 26, 2011

25 Oct. From September ... !

25 Oct. 2011 .. A Date To Remember, A Night To Stand For !
September Gave A Birth to October As It Gave Birth To Me .. It's exactly like what music to the old heart, like how Ohio and Rhine are connected, and your mind with your radio .. It's so strong that you can not see my face in the mirror ..

I love You So Much ..
I Miss You Even More ..

My heart is beating so hard as it's creating a new island within its weaves .. or trying to recognize the direction of a reborn winds ..
Land is still, sea is us, river is the unknown .. reaching shores wouldn't be easy as wither isn't predecteble and stoping isn't the plane even a minute to pause .. only a smile, a shaking hands, a commen song can hold this look into our hearts.

You wrote my name over and over with the red ink, secrets would cover it .. secrets we didn't speak about it yet; we only knew how to mix different melodies .. at least, red and yellow would fit surreal together !

A massage from September to October with a gracefully soundtrack made a bird girl can fly.

30 Sep. going to be 25 Oct.
with love,