Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Al-Tahreer Square (NOW)

Al-Tahreer Square - Egypt (NOW) .. From Al-Dostoor Journal
Fire it on
United As One
That's the Real "FREEDOM" Tahreer Square

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jeremiah's Words About Tunisia ...

If something is wanted by all but spoken by none, than voice it and that idea will begin to take form. One will become two, two will become four, four, eight, and so on.... Eventually people will begin to organize, but everything begins some where, even if small or unexpected. Everything begins at 0 before becoming 1, but it requires 2 before it can become anything.... - Jeremiah (My Friend)

... I'M FIREWORK ...

Thank You Reem ...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Along Came The Rain ...

Leaving all the bad things behind,
Trying to cry on your shoulder...
I can trust you my friend
Revolving your arms around me ...

Leaving all the bad thoughts behind,
Looking forward against my well
Hold me closer my friend ...
let peace be upon you and me

I never want to say goodbye,
I'm more than a wanderer
But no one can see
I don't want to leave you
You just found me ...
I was lost in a maze
I'm lost I'm a maze
And winds are hurting ...
Don't cry my friend,
Your tears are burning ...

I'm laying inside
Thinking "no body will see me"
"I don't want to see me"
But it's raining
My friend
It's downpour ...

Nour Badr
Friday 8/1/2011
3:20 am